Icebreaker Merino Wool Clothing


About wearing Merino wool: First off, these clothes aren't scratchy, they don't itch and they are easy to take care of. So easy, that Icebreaker suggests washing them with your blue jeans! They are sustainable and are made by a company that is very environmentally and human rights conscious. Every effort is made to ensure that this translates into eco-friendly and human rights oriented business practices.

So, why Merino wool? Because wool offers the best heat management, hands down. The tee shirt worn on it's own, wicks moisture for Summer comfort, and insulates when used as a base layer in the Winter. The raw Merino fibers used are only the softest, combed to perfection and spun extra fine for an incredibly soft fabric that is truly elastic and drapes beautifully. The quality is consistent because they don't buy the wool on the open market, choosing instead to build a relationship with a select group of growers ensuring the same breed lines produce the same excellent wool year after year. Using their unique "Baacode System™" you can trace the wool that went into your clothing all the way back to the Merino station (That's Kiwi for ranch). Attention to detail and emphasis on consistency is what makes Icebreaker the premier brand for top-quality wool garments.





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