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Tilley Mesh LTM8 Hat

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Tilley lighterweight Mesh Hats are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking to keep their cool in a broader brimmed hat. This Hat is lightweight, breathable and comfortable because the crown is made of strong, unique ‘3-D’ polyester mesh which blocks sunlight, but allows air to pass easily. LTM8 has been engineered with a water-repellent, sun protection 3” mesh crown with a lighterweight Supplex® nylon brim. Designed to be very lightweight & breathable, the Tilley Lighterweight Mesh Hats have been tested and certified as having a UPF 50+, the maximum UV protection rating given.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Brim measurements: Front and Back: 3 1/4" Sides: 2 1/2".
  • Fabric: 3-D’ polyester mesh
  • Guaranteed for life: Tilleys are replaced free if they ever wear out, shrink or fall apart. They're so carefully handcrafted in Canada, and made of such strong materials, that many outlive their owners!
  • Insured against loss: Tilley understands the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, they'll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half price.
  • Secret Pocket: Inside the crown is a good-sized pocket sealed with Velcro. In it, carry your Brag Tags, I.D., toilet paper(!), license, hotel key, $10 bill (in your case a 20), plus a quarter for an emergency phone call.
  • Excellent sun protection: Tilleys fit lower than other hats. The fabric and style of all Tilley Hats have been certified to block 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given.
  • For your comfort, they're held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead. On a hot muggy day, you'll especially appreciate this!
  • Machine washable (won't shrink)
  • Repels rain: Not perfectly but usually quite adequately. Happily, the brims of the cotton-duck Tilleys actually become stiffer when they get wet, not floppier, helping to protect your neck, face and glasses.
  • Ties on in the wind: The Tilley comes with a tuckaway, adjustable, fore 'n' aft Wind Cord. When it's calm, the Wind Cord stays hidden in the crown. When there's a breeze, place the part with the sliding knots behind your head. When it's windy or you're sailing, use the chin part too.
  • To protect you from the sun and rain, Tilleys fit lower than other hats. This also tends to give one a rather dashing appearance!
  • Floats: A layer of closed-cell foam in the crown, and sometimes in the brim, provides the Tilley's positive buoyancy
  • Anti-Sweat Band: New sweatband fabric, Transpor® Dry Layer offers superior moisture control technology. Perspiration slides through the inner layer to the outer wicking layer of the fabric where it spreads and evaporates. It will keep you cool and dry in the heat.

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